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Fsharp types as a composition of smaller ones.

26 April 2015 – Karelia


Just a small cheat sheet, it describes some f# types as a composition of smaller ones. Sometimes it is easier to understand a difference between some types in behaviour and semantics by looking at their type’s signatures. However, types could be very complex, so we want to exam types without infrastructure details and probably as a composition of smaller ones. For example with this cheat sheet, it is easy to understand a difference between some very similar types like Observable<’T> and NessosStream<’T> and see that NessosStream is just an impure reducer.

open System
type Map<'T,'T2> = 'T -> 'T2
type MapBack<'T,'T2> = 'T2 -> 'T

type Pull<'T> = Map<unit,'T> //input side effect
type Push<'T> = MapBack<unit,'T> //output side effect 
type Do = Map<unit,unit>
type Lazy<'T> = Pull<'T>
type Or<'T1,'T2> = Left of 'T1 | Right of 'T2
type And<'T1,'T2> = 'T1 * 'T2
type Cont<'T,'T2> = Map<Map<'T,'T2>, 'T2>
type Maybe<'T> = Or<'T, unit>
//different semantics of maybe
type Finite<'T> = Maybe<'T>
type Cancelable<'T> = Maybe<'T>
type Throwable<'T> = Or<'T,exn>
type Unsubscribe = Do

type InfiniteIterator<'T> = Pull<'T>
type Iterator<'T> = InfiniteIterator<Finite<'T>>
type Iteratable<'T> = Pull<Iterator<'T>>
type Observer<'T> = Push<Throwable<Finite<'T>>>
type Observable<'T> = Map<Observer<'T>,Unsubscribe>
//rx java
type JavaObserver<'T> = Observer<'T>
type IsUnsubscribed = Pull<bool>
type Subscription = And<Unsubscribe,IsUnsubscribed>
type JavaObservable<'T> = Map<Observer<'T>,Subscription>
type JavaProducer = Push<int> //backpressure
type OnStart = Do
type JavaSubscriber<'T> = And<And<And<Observer<'T>,Subscription>,Push<JavaProducer>>,OnStart> 
//end java rx
type IEvent<'T> = Push<Push<'T>>
type Event<'T> = And<IEvent<'T>,Push<'T>>
type Id<'T> = Map<'T,'T>
type Reader<'TState, 'T> = Map<'TState,'T>
type Writer<'TState, 'T> = And<'TState,'T>
type State<'TState, 'T>  = Map<'TState, And<'TState,'T>>
type Update<'TState,'TUpdate,'T> = Map<'TState, And<'TUpdate,'T>>

type Curry<'T,'T2,'T3> = Map<Map<And<'T,'T2>,'T3>,Map<'T, Map<'T2,'T3>>>
type Async<'T, 'T2> = Cont<Cancelable<Throwable<'T>>, 'T2>
type Recursion<'T> = Recursion of And<'T,Lazy<Recursion<'T>>>
type FiniteRecursion<'T> = FiniteRecursion of Finite<Lazy<And<'T,FiniteRecursion<'T>>>>
type AsyncSeq<'T> = AsyncSeq of Async<Finite<And<'T, AsyncSeq<'T>>>>
//Async iterable with count
type AsyncUnsubscribe = Pull<Async<unit>>
type AsyncSubscription = And<AsyncUnsubscribe, IsUnsubscribed>
type AsyncIterator<'T> = And<AsyncSubscription, Map<int,Async<Iterator<'T>>>>
type AsyncIterable<'T> = Pull<AsyncIterator<'T>>
type List<'T> = List of Finite<And<'T, List<'T>>>
type LazyList<'T> = LazyList of Finite<Lazy<And<'T, LazyList<'T>>>>
type Reducer<'TACC,'T> = Map<And<'TACC,'T>, 'TACC>
type Reducible<'TACC,'T> = Map<And<Reducer<'TACC,'T>, 'TACC>, 'TACC>
type Transducer<'TACC,'T> = Map<Reducer<'TACC,'T>,Reducer<'TACC,'T>>
type Composition<'T> = Reducer<'T,'T>
type Composable<'T> = Reducible<'T,'T>
type Dictionary<'TKey, 'TValue> = And<Map<'TKey,'TValue>,Push<And<'TKey,'TValue>>>
type Array<'T> = Dictionary<int,'T>

type NessosStream<'T> = Reducible<unit,'T>

//Reactive streams
type RsSubscription = And<Push<int>, Unsubscribe>
type Subscriber<'T> = And<Observer<'T>, Push<RsSubscription>>
type Publisher<'T> = Push<Subscriber<'T>>

//scalaz streams
type Monad<'T> = 'T//workaround
type Proccess<'T> = And<And<Map<Monad<'T>, Monad<unit>>, Map<Monad<'T>, Monad<'T>>>, Map<Monad<'T>, Monad<Iterator<'T>>>>

//simple Iteratee
type SIteratee<'T, 'TACC> = Iteratee of Or<'TACC, Map<'T, SIteratee<'T, 'TACC>>>

type IStream<'Chunk> = Finite<Maybe<'Chunk>>
type Iteratee<'Chunk,'TACC> = Iteratee of Or<Throwable<And<'TACC, IStream<'Chunk>>>,Map<IStream<'Chunk>,Iteratee<'Chunk,'TACC>>>
type Enumerator<'Chunk,'TACC> = Map<Iteratee<'Chunk,'TACC>,Iteratee<'Chunk,'TACC>>
type Enumeratee<'ChunkOut,'ChunkIn,'T> = Map<Iteratee<'ChunkIn,'TACC>,Iteratee<'ChunkOut, Iteratee<'ChunkIn,'TACC>>>

type ContReader<'TENV, 'T, 'TResult> = Reader<'TENV, Cont<'T, 'TResult>>

type MailBox<'T> = Pull<'T>
type Actor<'T> = Map<MailBox<'T>, Async<unit>> 
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